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My name is Kathy, and I'm a photographer. My mission in life is to get women (and some men) in front of the camera. As a mom, I know how easy it is to hide away and just capture our kiddos as the years pass by and we go missing in the photo albums. It is so important for us to document who we are at all stages of our lives. Not only for our family but for ourselves. As an example to our children that we are beautiful at every age and size, but most importantly, as our legacy. Family photos aren't the only reason we need to schedule that photoshoot. As a business owner myself, I know how important it is to show up for my clients. We are our brands. Whether we sell a product or provide a service, people hire people first, and what better way to connect with your audience than with killer portraits? That being said, I say "No!" to the seatbelt selfie! You're better than that! Come by my studio, and I promise you'll look and feel amazing, and I'll capture you in all your beauty TODAY.



Ciao Bella!

Kathy Schuh is a portrait and branding photographer that specializes in photographing women (but also shoots the guys from time to time). She's a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. When she's not in her studio, you can find her hanging out with her family or having a glass of wine with her girlfriends. Kathy's guilty pleasure is listening to Audible books! Especially romance novels. She can't help it, she's a sucker for love. Oh, and Italy is forever in her heart so don't be surprised if you hear a "Brava!" when she captures you in that perfect pose! 

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